A Card a Day in May – Day 18

Have you ever had a certain card design pictured in your head and when you go to stamp it, it looks great…………then you make a mistake before you are totally finished?!?! Well, that happened to me today. I set my so-called mistake aside and started to remake it and it turned out better than I was thinking. Yet, the mistake kept calling to me. I never throw those away as they can turn out to be masterpieces in their own right, just different from your original idea or thought. So today you two cards instead of one as I turned my so-called mistake into what I think is a great card. Can you tell which one is the mistake?

Grunge Trees

This is the idea how I pictured it below, the second time around.

Bicycle Grunge Tree

This is the first one I started but stamped wrong. Can you see the mistake? No? That is because my stamping blunder is hidden behind the punched butterfly.

Butterfly Grunge Tree

So, don’t get flustered by mistakes but take the opportunity to create something different.

Keep Creating – Tricia

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