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My Creative Endeavors

I am passionate about all things art and believe that everyone has a creative side. I see things differently and creatively wherever I go. I like to create in several different mediums, styles and types including but not limited to: graphic design, illustration, acrylic, watercolor, paper crafting, stamping, mixed media, and photography.

Why ButterDish Designs?

A lot of people ask about my site name, so here is the story on how the name came to be. My nickname is Dish. Growing up I was affectionately called Trish the Dish and as I got older it was shortened to simply Dish. When I met my husband, I came to find that his nickname is Butter. No, it isn’t because he is so smooth even though he likes to think that. Ha, ha, ha. He got the nickname at work a long time ago because it was super hot one summer (isn’t it always in Arizona?) and he shaved off his hair to beat the heat. His coworkers said he looked like Butterbean the boxer and started calling him such. Well, his hair grew back and his nickname was shortened to just Butter. After we got together, friends and family combined our nicknames and call us ButterDish. So there you have it, the story behind the name.

My Stampin’ Up! Gig

Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator since 2010 and I absolutely love it. I have to say it was the best decision ever. The quality and coordination of the products Stampin’ Up! has to offer are almost as amazing as the friendships I have made through the craft.

8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I just found your site. Your designs are beautiful. Chuba is an unusual name. My mother’s maiden name is Chuba. Are you from Pennsylvania?

    • Hi Michelle. Thank you so much, I appreciate you stopping by. Yes, it is definitely an unusual name. I haven’t met anyone with it who isn’t related somehow. My dad’s side of the family is from upstate New York and I am unsure of any Pennsylvania connection. You never know, maybe we’re related. Would love to find out!

  2. Hello Tricia, During this Corona Virus stay at home time, I’m digging and sorting thru things current and past. I must have met you at the 2019 OnStage in LasVegas because I have the card with button that you designed. I’ve added the pin to my OnStage lanyard now. I don’t seem to be able to locate your Facebook page and wondered if there is a trick to it. I’ve signed up for your emails and look forward to seeing your tips and designs in the future.
    P.S. I absolutely LOVE the beautiful yellow and blue that you used on the Flowering Foils DSP.

    • Oops!! That’s not Flowering Foils DSP! It’s the stamp a gave away at OnStage! You did a lovely job coloring it. I must get more Stampin’ Blends and use them more!

  3. I love your story!! It’s one to tell.
    I also like how you thought out of the butter dish and into the creamery !! Ha
    Loved your creation!

  4. Hi dish… I just found your blog! What gorgeous cards you make… I just love them and I love that you’re teaching about color concepts. I have so much to learn even though I’m an old lady. Lol. You see beauty in the most unusual and creative way. You’ve brought me a lot of joy just looking at your cards. Keep up the good work! I wish you were closer to North Carolina. Best of luck, Judy


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